Red 7 - Game of the Month - April 2017

Red 7 - Game of the Month April 2017

Here's a game with a twist - if you're not winning the game by the current rule by the end of your turn, you're out! Our Game of the Month for April is Red 7 from Lucrum Games; an ingenious little card game that will bring out your competitive side and one that you can play again and again.

You'll have to concentrate for this one. You have the ability to change the game rule, and as often as you see fit! If you're not winning the current rule, change it to make sure you are...if you can't play the game by the current rule, then you're out of the game. Can you stay on top?

The rule for winning is simple: have the best card or set of cards! However, you may not be playing the same game when your turn ends...There are 49 cards in the box, which are numbered from 1-7 in each of the seven colours of the rainbow. Each colour has it's own rule and some colours and numbers are higher cards than others, depending on where they are in the spectrum. We love this quirky little rule and it really makes the game work well. 

The game starts with all player's playing the rule 'Highest Card Wins'. Easy! Simply play your highest card. However depending on which cards you have you may want to change this rule to ensure you're still winning! Don't have a high numbered card? Change the rule and make sure you're always on top!

There are additional rules and variations of the game that are explained in the rulebook. When you've played a few beginner games of Red 7, you'll easily be able to pick up these other great ways of playing. Score between rounds, pick up and play additional cards to the canvas or even choose a card from another player's palette! To make sure you know who is winning in a game, you'll always have a 'Who's Winning?' card placed in front of you, which is rather handy.

A great little game with difficulty levels to suit a range of player abilities, from Basic and Advanced to Expert! There's even a fancy little App you can download for smartphones too. A definite one for your personal games library!