Macroscope - Our Featured Game of the Month

You'll most definitely need to switch on your brains and light up your imaginations for this one! Macroscope from Lifestyle Boardgames is our pick for this month and if you've not already played it with us, then you're in for a treat!

The Macroscope is a very peculiar device which enables you to peek through round holes in order to guess what image is concealed inside. Can you tell a key from a tyre when using the Macroscope? Things aren't as simple as they seem...

Macroscope is a very unique way of playing an easy to learn game. We absolutely love it and it even gets our brains working overtime! The game can be played by 2 to 6 players aged 6 and up and can last approximately 30 minutes. 

The way to play Macroscope is very simple. Players take it in turns to roll the dice. The numbers on the dice tell the player which numbered tokens to remove from the top of the Macroscope. When these are removed, the image underneath can be seen. However, parts of the image remain uncovered so can be quite tricky to tell what the image is on a player's first turn! If a player can't guess the image, the game continues until another player feels confident enough to make a good guess. 

Macroscope is a fantastic tool to engage the imagination and to get you thinking about different possibilities. There are some strategy elements to the game, such as is it worth taking a risk and guessing early? Or should you hang on and guess when you are more certain?

We think this is a brilliant game which will bring endless fun for those family nights in! We've come up with a few variations of the game and maybe you can think of your own ways to play too! Use blank pieces of paper of the same size to draw your own images onto to use in your Macroscope - the pictures could have a different theme such as animals, vehicles and can even be a class activity for a chosen topic. The possibilities are endless, even the adults will have a flair for interesting and intriguing artwork...!

Macroscope is available to purchase here.